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Family Law - Spousal support and property

When a couple separates or divorces questions such as who will need to pay financial support and what will happen to any property you own together need to answered. Ontario lawyers Alfred Mamo and Roslyn Tsao discuss how a lawyer can help with these important decisions.

Spousal Support
Source: CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This publication looks at spousal support for married or common-law partners who are divorcing or separating, including the factors that affect whether spousal support must be paid, in what amount, and for how long. It also contains information about spouses who are on social assistance, and how to enforce payment of support. It closes with detailed information on where to find legal assistance.

An Introduction to Family Law in Ontario
Source: CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This resource identifies the main issues that can come up when relationships end. It includes information about marriage and divorce, living together, and domestic contracts, and explains how decisions can be made through agreement, mediation, court, or arbitration.

Property Division
Source: CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This resource explains the basic rules for property division between separating married spouses, their rights and obligations with respect to the matrimonial home, and what happens to property.

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