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Multi-Discipline Practice and Multi-Discipline Partnership


Lawyers and licensed paralegals may form a Multi-Discipline Practice with professionals who practise a profession, trade or occupation that supports or supplements their practice of law or provision of legal service (e.g., accountants, tax consultants, trademark and patent agents, etc.).

When a licensee and a professional enter into a formal partnership agreement, it is considered to be a Multi-Discipline Partnership. The licensee must comply with Part III of By-Law 7.

On February 25, 2021, Convocation approved amendments to By-Law 7, including removing the requirement to apply for approval before entering into a Multi-Discipline Partnership and to file annual reports in respect of a Multi-Discipline Partnership. As a result, licensees entering into a Multi-Discipline Partnership are no longer required to apply for approval from the Law Society or submit annual reports for a Multi-Discipline Partnership. However, please be aware that the rules and requirements concerning Multi-Disciplinary Practices and Partnerships remain in effect and licensees are responsible for ensuring they practise in compliance with the By-Law and all other applicable rules and requirements.

Insurance Requirements

Licensees are responsible for the actions of professional partners and must maintain professional liability insurance for all professional partners. Lawyers who enter into a Multi-Discipline Partnership must contact LAWPRO ( to obtain insurance for all non-licensee partners in the Multi-Discipline Partnership. Paralegals who enter into a Multi-discipline Partnership should contact their paralegal insurance provider to obtain coverage for all non-licensee partners.

Links to Applicable By-Law & Rules


All questions about Multi-Discipline Partnership applications should be directed to Complaints & Compliance by contacting the Law Society at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free 1-800-668-7380 x3315) and asking to be transferred, or emailing Complaints & Compliance using the Contact Page.


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