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Report Your CPD Hours

COVID-19 UPDATE: Lawyers or paralegals who have questions about their annual CPD requirement in the context of COVID-19 should refer to the Law Society’s Response FAQ on CPD Requirements and changes to limits on Eligible Educational Activities.

Lawyers and paralegals must report their CPD Hours using the online Law Society Portal by March 31 of the year following the calendar year in which the CPD Requirement relates (e.g., CPD Requirements for 2021 must be completed by December 31, 2021 and reported by March 31, 2022).

Lawyers and paralegals can report eligible CPD programs and activities at any time on or before March 31 and are encouraged to report regularly. The self-edit function allows licensees to edit or delete any entry for a program or activity.

Lawyers and paralegals who fail to complete and report on annual CPD Hours by March 31 will be in default and may be administratively suspended immediately thereafter. As a best practice, lawyers and paralegals should enter CPD Hours in the Portal upon completing a program or activity.

Access the Law Society Portal now.

Information about the application of excess CPD Hours within the Portal

  • Any Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (“EDI”) Professionalism Hours reported into the Portal in excess of the 3 EDI Professionalism Hours required between 2018-2020 or the 1 EDI Professionalism Hour required each year from 2021 onward will be automatically applied to the lawyer or paralegal’s Professionalism Hours for the reporting year. This is because EDI Professionalism Hours are a subset of Professionalism Hours.
  • Any Professionalism Hours that have been entered into the Law Society Portal in excess of the 3 required Professionalism Hours each year will be automatically applied to the lawyer or paralegal's Substantive Hours requirement for that reporting year.
  • However, it is important to note that Substantive Hours entered into the Portal in excess of the required 9 Substantive Hours will not be applied to the lawyer or paralegal's Professionalism Hours or EDI Professionalism Hours requirement and cannot be carried over to subsequent years.
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