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Information for New Paralegals

Welcome to the Law Society of Ontario!

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished! We have created a virtual Welcome to the Professions Celebration to recognize your achievements during this unusual time. You can watch the Celebration on our YouTube Channel.

Being part of the legal profession comes with support to help you succeed. There are many resources available to you. Whether you are opening, expanding or winding down your practice, start here to access programs, tools and information that can help you meet your goals.  Learn more at  As a new licensee, it is also important that you learn more about your obligations, such as:

  • Notifying the Law Society immediately after any change in contact information or status. Changes reported after the end of the year will not result in a reduction of fees for the previous year.
  • Paying your Law Society annual fee
  • Submitting your Annual Report Filing
  • Completing and reporting 12 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours per year, including 1 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Hour

Your first steps as a new licensee:

1Register for the Law Society Portal

Locate your Law Society number on the Directory to register for your Portal Account.

2Review your Contact and Status Information

Stay connected by ensuring your contact and status information in your Portal Account is always current.

3Pay your Annual Licence Fees

Your status determines whether you are obliged to pay fees. Invoices and payment are posted via your Portal Account.

Get started here:

Register for the Law Society Portal

The Law Society Portal is a convenient, online tool that allows you to manage your Law Society information. Use the Portal to pay your fees, update and report contact changes, submit your Annual Report and report your CPD Hours.

Start your Continuing Professional Development 

All licensees who practise law/provide legal services or pay fees at 100% fees are required to complete and report 12 CPD Hours in eligible educational activities each calendar year. You must submit your CPD Hours in the Portal.

Join the Law Society Referral Service

As a member of LSRS, people with a legal problem are referred to you for a 30 minute free consultation for legal information. The service is promoted to the public. To join, apply via your Portal account. 

Connect with the Coach and Advisor Network

CAN provides access to shorter-term, outcome-oriented relationships with Coaches and Advisors, for best practice implemention or help with law inquiries on client files. Request time with a Coach or Advisor today!

Get help from the Practice Management Helpline

Get answers about the Rules or guidance on pressing ethical and practice management issues. Contact the Law Society at 416-947-3315 for this strictly confidential telephone service available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Access Practice Supports & Resources for Paralegals

Your Source for practice management, whether you are opening, expanding or winding down your practice, start here to access programs, tools and information that can help you meet your goals.
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