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Join or Renew Your Law Society Referral Service Subscription

Hundreds of people use the Law Society Referral Service daily

Potential clients use the Law Society Referral Service looking to be put in touch with a lawyer or paralegal to assist them with their legal matter.

The service is promoted to the public through various means, including legal clinics, community organizations, and on the Law Society's website.

Here's how it works:

  • Members of the public access the service online at to request a referral
  • The user is advised that legal work and second opinions are not covered by the consultation
  • A free consultation by phone or in person of up to 30 minutes is then given by the referred lawyer or paralegal

Please note that members on the service are referred on a rotational basis to ensure fairness

Join the Law Society Referral Service

To join the service, please visit your Law Society Portal account to complete your application. If you are eligible to join LSRS, we will post an invoice in your Law Society Portal account. The annual non-refundable membership fee is $282.50 (including applicable taxes). New applicants who join LSRS after January 31 will have their LSRS fee pro-rated monthly. More information is available on the Portal.

By joining LSRS, you agree to provide a half-hour free consultation to people that are referred to you by the Law Society Referral Service to determine if they have a legal problem that requires a lawyer or paralegal and to provide legal information applicable to their situation.

Law Society Referral Service Annual Renewals

Membership is automatically renewed at the end of the year. An invoice will be posted in your Portal account. Unless you cancel your membership through the Portal or by sending an email to, you will be expected to pay the invoice. Please log into the Law Society Portal to pay. 

Questions? Call us at 416-947-3300, ext. 5000
(outside the Toronto calling area, phone 1-800-668-7380, ext. 5000).

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