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How to Surrender Your Licence

Applications to be emailed
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Ontario lawyers or paralegals (licensees) who no longer wish to maintain their licence in Ontario may surrender their licence under By-Law 4.

Licensees who surrender their licence no longer pay annual membership fees or file annual reports.  Once a licence is surrendered, lawyers and paralegals are no longer entitled to practise law or provide legal services as an Ontario lawyer or paralegal.

Who can apply

Lawyers and paralegals of any age that no longer wish to maintain their Ontario licence

NOTE: If you are incapacitated, read about the exemption process, which may be an alternative to surrendering your licence if you are a lawyer or a paralegal at any age who is not suspended, is incapacitated, and unable to meet any of your obligations as a licensee.

Application Requirements

  • A completed and original Application for Surrender of Licence to Practise Law/Provide Legal Services
  • Submission of all outstanding annual reports
  • Evidence that all trust/mixed trust accounts have been closed and have a zero balance (for applicants who were Sole Practitioners in Ontario at any time within the last 3 years from the date of their application)
  • Evidence that the applicant no longer has signing authority over any trust/mixed trust accounts (for applicants who were Partners, Employees or Associates in Ontario at any time within the last 3 years from the date of their application)
  • Lawyers Only - Evidence that all open estates have been closed or the applicant no longer has signing authority

Application Process

All applications and attachments are reviewed by By-Law Administration Services. If the review reveals that the application cannot be approved, Law Society staff will contact the applicant to request additional information or to advise of necessary changes.

By-Law Administration Services may require up to 45 business days to process an Application to Surrender Licence, if it is complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submitting an application to surrender your licence will not prevent you from being suspended for failing to comply with any administrative or regulatory requirement.

Administrative Fees

There is no fee for the Application for Surrender of Licence.

Links to Applications and additional information for closing your practice:

Learn more about licensing following surrender of licence.


If you have any questions, contact the Law Society at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free 1-800-668-7380 x3315) and ask to be transferred to the appropriate department. 

  • Application and Annual Report filing related questions should be directed to By-Law Administration Services
  • Information about outstanding annual fees can be obtained by contacting Membership Services

You may also contact each of these departments directly using the Contact Page.


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