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Update on Licensing Exams - scheduling and accommodations

June 11, 2019
We apologize for the scheduling of the Barrister Examination on Eid, on June 4, 2019. This was a mistake on our part. We strive to respect the diversity of our legal community and to take into account religious and cultural holidays in the licensing process. We are currently reviewing our protocols and procedures to ensure that the scheduling of the licensing examinations does not result in such a conflict in the future.
Candidates who were impacted by this date conflict were entitled to seek accommodations that would have permitted them to write the examination on another date. The licensing examinations are also offered three times a year. These options notwithstanding, we recognize that the scheduling of the Barrister Examination on Eid was not in keeping with our commitment to inclusion in the profession.
We thank the many cultural and religious leaders and organizations who have reached out to offer advice and counsel as we strive to ensure that our policies and operating procedures reflect the diversity of the many cultures and religions that form the fabric of our community. It is our goal to continue to foster strong and effective partnerships through continued discussion and ongoing consultation. We are committed to fulfilling our leadership role within the legal community to build a more inclusive, understanding and welcoming environment for individuals of all faiths and backgrounds. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to increase cultural awareness within our organization and across the communities we serve.
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