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Sample Non-Engagement Letter

 To:                        [Client name]

File Name:             [file name]

File Number:          [file number]

Date:                      [date of memo]


This letter is further to our initial meeting on ________________________________ (date of consultation).

As indicated to you at that time, unless we received a money retainer of $______________________ by (date retainer funds due), we would not commence or undertake any legal services on your behalf.

To date we have not received any funds. Accordingly, please treat this letter as confirmation that

(a) we are not acting for you , and

(b) we will not be taking any steps on your behalf in respect of this matter.

Note that although the time for commencing your claim will not expire for some time, ___________________ (date of limitation), it is important that you retain a legal representative as soon as possible to ensure your matter is dealt with appropriately and in a timely fashion. We recommend that you immediately take steps to obtain legal representation.

We confirm that we do not have any documents belonging to you. All documents were returned to you at the end of the consultation. 

Yours Truly, 




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