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Sample Joint Retainer Acknowledgment and Consent

(This form may be used be either lawyers or paralegals. Use discretion to amend the form to suit the circumstances of the individual matter.)

You have asked [me/us] to act as your [lawyer(s)/paralegal(s)] in the above matter.

As you know I (we) have also been asked to act as [lawyer(s)/paralegal(s)] to                                                                                in the above matter.

In acting for more than one party, no information received in connection with the matter from one party can be treated as confidential so far as any of the others are concerned.

If a conflict develops that cannot be resolved, I (we) cannot continue to act for both or all of you and may have to withdraw completely.

or alternatively where applicable

I (we) confirm your agreement that if an issue contentious between you and                                                                                                      arises, I (we) may continue to advise                                                                                                          about the contentious matter and that I (we) will refer you to another lawyer or paralegal.

and where applicable

I (we) confirm that you are aware that I (we) act regularly for and have a continuing relationship with                                                                                                          and that I (we) have recommended that you obtain independent legal advice about the joint retainer prior to retaining me (us).

If you still wish me (us) to act on your behalf in the above matter, please confirm your instructions by signing and returning the enclosed copy of this letter.

Yours very truly,


I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above letter. I consent to                                                                                                          acting on my behalf, notwithstanding the conflict.


DATED at                                                                           this                                                 day of __________________, 20                      .




cc. copy to                                                                            for signing and return.

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