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Appendix 18 -Letter from Replacement Paralegal or Lawyer to Law Society and Professional Liability I

Letter From Replacement Lawyer to Law Society and LawPRO®

Re: [affected lawyer name, Law Society number]

Please be advised that I have been asked to assist in the [closure, transfer] of [affected lawyer]'s law practice due to [provide reason]. Please note that [affected lawyer] ceased to practice law effective [date].

More information concerning the [affected lawyer]'s trust account(s), open and closed files, original wills and power of attorney documents, corporate property and other client property will be provided to the Law Society when it is available. I [or affected lawyer, if applicable] will contact LAWPRO®'s Customer Service Centre to discuss the [affected lawyer]'s continued coverage options or obligations.

Please forward all correspondence concerning [affected lawyer]'s Law Society and LAWPRO® obligations to me [or, to affected lawyer, if applicable]. I can be reached at [address] and telephone number [phone].


[assisting lawyer, law firm]

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