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Appendix 10 -Reporting Letter to Client: Matter Complete

Reporting Letter to Client: Matter Complete

Dear [client]:

Re: [client file, file number]

I am pleased to advise that matters have now been completed with respect to your file and I would like to take this opportunity to report to you, below.

You retained my office on [insert date] with respect to the following: [list all items, include details from original retainer letter or retainer agreement]

In accordance with your instructions, we took the following steps on your behalf: [outline steps taken and summarize history of matter to present]

The matter was settled or otherwise completed in the following manner: [summarize results obtained in matter, include details of litigation, negotiations, etc.]

We have completed all obligations pursuant to your matter, which included: [summarize undertakings and other obligations completed regarding the matter]

As you may be aware, I will be closing my law practice effective [date] due to [provide reason, if possible] and I thank you for retaining me to provide legal services. I have enclosed my final statement of account [if applicable] and ask you to contact my office regarding to discuss arrangements concerning delivery of your file and any remaining funds or property held in trust [if applicable]. You may reach me at the address and phone number listed on this letter until [date]. After that time, I may be reached at [insert address] and phone number [insert phone number] or you may contact [name of lawyer purchasing or taking over practice, if applicable] regarding my practice.


[lawyer, law firm]

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