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Sample Letter of Direction to the Law Foundation of Ontario

Sample Letter of Direction

To: The Manager,

Name of Bank: ________________________________________________________
(Name of chartered bank, provincial savings office, registered trust company, credit union or caisse populaire)

Branch:  _____________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Re: Account No. ____________________________________________________
Direction to Pay Interest to the Law Foundation of Ontario

The above account is
___ in my name
___ in the name of the firm with which I am associated

In accordance with Section 57 of the Law Society Act, I direct you, until further notice, to compute the amount earned by applying to the balance in the above account the rate of interest approved from time to time by the Trustees of The Law Foundation of Ontario. Please pay into an account held in your main office in Ontario in the name of The Law Foundation of Ontario amounts so calculated and give written notice to me at the address shown on the above account and to The Law Foundation of Ontario, 110 Spadina Avenue, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2K4 , when each such payment is made. This notice should show, as applicable as per the terms of the interest agreement between the LFO and your financial institution, the amount of the payment, the amounts of the daily/monthly balances, and the rates of interest used in computing the payment.

Dated: the day of _____ , _______________ , 20



Licensee Name:

Firm Name:


cc: The Law Foundation of Ontario

Example Letter of Direction - The Law Foundation of Ontario

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