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Q&A from Changes to Teraview®: What You Need to Know

Teraview® is moving to the web with a new web-based application that will replace the current desktop version of Teraview once fully rolled-out across the province.

The Law Society of Ontario held the “Changes to Teraview®: What You Need to Know” program on January 10, 2018. The participants asked questions. The presenters provided answers. The following questions and answers were obtained from this program.

What You Should Know:

1.  What resources are available to help me prepare for the changes to Teraview?

The following resources may be of assistance to lawyers in preparing for the changes:

  2. Archived webcast of Law Society’s Continuing Professional Development program, Changes to Teraview: What You Need to Know, available here
  3. Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Bulletin No. 2017-07 dated November 20, 2017, Teraview on the Web Release, available here

2. Is it mandatory to have Teraview on the Web or can a lawyer continue to use Teraview 9?

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and Teranet are replacing the current version of Teraview with a new on-line version. Teraview on the Web is being rolled out regionally across the province commencing January 8, 2018. The province has been divided into four regions for the purposes of the rollout. As Teraview on the Web is rolled out in each region, its use will be optional for a period of time and then mandatory after a certain date. Information on the rollout plan including the dates and locations of the rollout may be found at:

3. What is an RSA Token?

RSA SecurID is an authentication technology that uses both hardware and software based Tokens. The Tokens generate an authentication code (number) at fixed intervals which is then used to provide secure login access. Teraview on the Web will be using an RSA token value (number) along with your Teraview password when you sign electronic instruments for completeness/release.

Two types of tokens are available.

1) Key Fob (Hard Token)

RSA SecurID Hardware Token is a small key fob authentication device that displays a token value (number) for authentication.

2) Smart Phone App (Soft Token)

RSA SecurID Software Token is a mobile authentication software that transforms your smartphone into an RSA SecurID authentication device.

What does an RSA Token look like?            


Requesting a Token

4. If a staff member under my account will only be searching or creating documents without signing, does the staff member require an RSA token?

No, only individuals under your account who sign instruments for completeness and/or release will require an RSA token. 

5. Can users under a lawyer’s Teraview Account share an RSA token?

No. Users cannot share with others their RSA token, token number and/ or personalized e-reg™ passphrase to access the electronic registration of title documents system.

Rule 6.1-5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules) provides that when a lawyer has a Personalized Security Package, the lawyer shall not permit others, including a non-lawyer employee, to use the lawyer’s Personalized Security Package.

In addition, Rule 6.1-6 provides that when a non-lawyer employed by a lawyer has a Personalized Security Package, the lawyer shall ensure that the non-lawyer does not permit others to use the Personalized Security Package.

The Rules define a “Personalized Security Package” as the diskette, key, RSA token, token number and/or personalized e-reg™ passphrase to access the system for the electronic registration of title documents.

6. Do account holders receive RSA tokens automatically for themselves and their staff?

No. RSA Tokens must be requested by the Teraview Account Holder Representative via the Teraview desktop application. Information on how to request, obtain and register RSA tokens may be found at:

Once the RSA token is received from Teranet, each individual user must initialize their token via If the user does not require a token (Question #4) the user still must initialize his or her profile via in order to use Teraview on the Web.

RSA Token

7. How long does it take for the RSA hard token to arrive once I have requested it from Teranet?

Shipping from Teranet occurs every Friday depending on when your token request took place.

8. How do you get a number with the RSA token?

The RSA token generates an authentication code (a six digit number) every 60 seconds. You must input this number and your Teraview password to sign electronic instruments for completeness and/or release. 

9. Is the RSA token always on or is it turned off?

The RSA token is always running and cannot be turned off.   

10. Are we still required to update our password each month?

The current Teraview password rules still apply. 

11. Is it better to get a hard token (key FOB) or a soft token (smartphone application)?

It is your personal choice which one you select. The hard tokens have a 5 year battery life. 

12. Can a lawyer obtain both a key FOB (hard token) and a smart phone application (soft token) for the lawyer’s own use?

No. You must choose one: either a key FOB (hard token) or a smart phone application (soft token).

13. If you have a soft token application on your phone will it also work on your iPad?

No, the application works only on a smartphone.

14. Can you get a token application for an iPad?

No, the application works only on a smartphone.

15. What is the data usage of an RSA token smart phone application? Does it keep updating?

There is no data usage associated with the use of the RSA application. The user’s smartphone can be on airplane mode and the application will still be accessible. 

16. If a person works for more than one firm, can the person have two soft tokens on their phone?

Yes, the RSA application allows for multiple instances of RSA tokens. 

17. Can one person request all of the RSA tokens for the firm or must each individual request the token independently?

The account holder must request the RSA tokens for users under the account. Each user must then register with Teranet once the user has received the RSA token. For more information on this process, please refer to:


Replacing the RSA Token

18. How long is the battery life of the RSA hard token and how do you change the battery?

The battery life is approximately 5 years. Teranet will forward new tokens to users in 5 years. 

19. If I have a soft token (a smart phone application) and my phone dies, how do I get my application replaced? What is the process and timeframe for replacement?

The user would follow the same steps to replace any application once they receive a new smartphone. The onus is on the user to re-install the application and complete the initialization process again. 

20. What if the application for a soft token does not work?

If the user cannot download the application on their smartphone for any reason, they will require a hard token. 

21. What if the hard token breaks or is lost? What is the process and timeframe for replacing it?

A user will be able to obtain a temporary number via customer service ( until a new token is shipped to them. Teranet uses Purolator for shipping and has experienced a quick turnaround time. 

22. If I lose my RSA token, what do I need to do?

Advise Teranet customer service, gain a temporary token if required and wait for the replacement token to arrive.

23. What if I forget my RSA token at home and I need to use Teraview on the Web?

You may contact Teranet and they will provide you with a number that you can use that day to sign documents.

See question 21.

Rollout of Teraview on the Web

24. How do I determine what is my region for the purposes of the roll-out of Teraview on the Web?

Your roll-out region is the region in which your office is located as indicated in Teranet‘s records. This is information that you would have provided to Teranet when you originally set up your Teraview account.
Visit for additional information regarding the Teraview rollout schedule.  


25. What if you lose your smartphone and it contains your RSA token application? Is this a security threat to the system?

In order to sign an electronic instrument for completeness and/or release, both the RSA token value (number) and the user’s Teraview password must be used. Electronic instruments cannot be signed with the use of the token number alone. 

26. How does the token know that it is associated with your user name and login information?

During the initialization process via, the token is associated with a specific user via their current Teraview account & user name and through the verification of existing security questions. The RSA token and the password associated with the RSA token are registered to a specific user.

Continued Use of Information in Teraview 9.0

27. If I practise in a region where Teraview on the Web has not yet been made available, do I need to use Teraview on the Web to close a transaction with a lawyer who is using Teraview on the Web?

No. Teraview 9 and Teraview on the Web are completely interoperable. You may continue using Teraview 9 to close a transaction with someone using Teraview on the Web.

28. Can you transfer instruments in progress from Teraview 9 to Teraview on the Web?

Because the applications are fully interoperable, end users will not have to transfer instruments in progress from one application to another. Instruments created in Teraview desktop are available immediately on the web once your region goes live. 

29. Will lawyers have access to transactions done in Teraview 9.0 when Teraview on the Web is made available?

Yes, see question 28.

30. Can I import old Teraview data into Teraview on the Web?

The applications are completely interoperable. Any reporting completed in either application shows transactions from either application.  

Signing Remotely

31. Can a lawyer sign a document for completeness and/or release in Teraview on the Web when the lawyer is not in the office or the lawyer is outside of the country?

Yes as long as the lawyer has access to the web and has his or her RSA token number and password to access Teraview.

Signing Documents

32. How do the seconds on the RSA token work? How long do I have to sign a document for completeness or release?

The RSA token (key FOB or smart phone application) generates a number every 60 seconds. You will need to input the token number and your user password to sign documents for completeness and/or release. Once you have inputted the number, the number is valid until signing is complete. 

33. Does a new RSA token number have to be entered every time that a document is registered?

You may sign multiple documents of the same type, in the same LRO, and in the same docket with one RSA token value (this is the same on the desktop). However documents of different types will require their own RSA token number. For example, you cannot sign both a transfer and a charge for completeness and/or release using the same token number. You will need to use a separate number for each one. However, both of these documents may be placed into the same folder once they are signed to ensure that they are registered consecutively.



34. In Teraview on the Web, will all documents in the search be a PDF so that it can be saved instead of printed?


35. Do the PDF’s get saved in the file in Teraview or do they need to be independently saved?

They are not saved in Teraview. The end user will select where downloads are saved.

36. Do you have the ability to cut and paste statements such as Statement 62 in Teraview on the Web?


37. How will the document preparation application that I use be affected by Teraview on the Web?

If the user is referring to 3rd party service providers, there is no change.

If the user is referring to Teranet Connect, there is no change.

38. Is there any web browser limitations? Can I use one of Firebox, Chrome or Internet Explorer?

System requirements are located here:

39. Does Teraview on the Web work with Safari on an iPad or iPhone?

Teranet does not recommend accessing Teraview on the Web on an iPad or iPhone due to the devices screen size limitations. The website will be accessible but challenging to navigate.

40. Will the password to be used for Teraview on the Web be the same one used in Teraview 9.0?

During the initialization step on, the user will set their own password and may choose to use the same password.

41. What happens if you type in the incorrect token number inadvertently?

You will receive an error message advising you to enter the next token value (number).

42. If I have trouble viewing the numbers on the token and I inadvertently enter the wrong numbers at the time of signing, will the system shut me out automatically after a certain number of errors on the same instrument?

If the user enters an incorrect token value 5 time in a row, their account will be locked. The user can unlock their account via

43. Will the smart phone application be available for Blackberry?


44. If an instrument is messaged to me in French, can I view the instrument in English?

The instrument will appear in the language of its creation; no translation will occur.

45. Will Teraview on the Web be compatible with Apple computers?


46. If I use a Safari Browser, will the pdfs that are created be in Adobe or will they now be able to open in Preview?

Teraview on the Web has its own PDF viewer. Files will appear in this window in-system.  

Terms or Concepts Explained