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Resources & Reports

Resources & Reports

Bicentennial Report

The 1997 Bicentennial Report reviewed the work that the Law Society had done over the previous decade to combat discrimination in the legal profession. The Equity Initiatives Department was created in response to this report.

Change of Status Reports

The Change of Status Reports stem from the Recommendations of the Final Consultation Report of the Retention of Women in Private Practice Working Group in 2008. The Law Society commissions an annual study among lawyers who file to change their status. These reports assist the Law Society in understanding and benchmarking movements and changes within the legal profession among women.

Mental Health Report

Indigenous Initiatives

Professor Fiona Kay Reports
In these reports, sociologist Fiona Kay studies the career trajectories of lawyers and the various factors that influence those trajectories. The reports looks at patterns of exit from private practice, the reasons lawyers leave the profession and the barriers to re-entry they face, as well the challenges facing racialized people and women in law.

Professor Michael Ornstein Reports
Sociology professor Michael Ornstein has prepared a series of reports examining how the demographic characteristics of the legal professions have changed overtime. The reports look at the representation of women, racialized people and Indigenous people among the legal professions.

Retention of Women in Private Practice
The following reports detail the final recommendation and the progress in the implementation of the Retention of Women in Private Practice Working Group in 2008. A number of recommendations flowed from the working group’s final report including the launch of the Justicia Project.

For further information, contact the Equity Initiatives Department at (416) 947-3954 or 1-800-668-7380 ext. 3954 or by e-mail.


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