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Contract Lawyers and Paralegals Application

Contract Lawyers and Paralegals Application

To be listed on the Contract Lawyers' and Paralegals' Registry, you must complete and submit the Contract Lawyer and Paralegal Application Form and the Consent and Declaration statements below.

Please note that your name and contact details will not appear on the Contract Lawyers' and Paralegals' Registry; only your Contract Lawyer/Paralegal Profile will appear on the Registry. Your profile will be assigned a reference number which prospective employers can use to request more information.

You will not have to renew your profile. It will be included on the Contract Lawyers' and Paralegals' Registry until you submit a written request to have it removed. You may revise or remove your profile at any time.

To be eligible to post your profile on the Contract Lawyers' and Paralegals' Registry, you must be a lawyer or paralegal member of the Law Society of Upper Canada who is entitled to practise law in Ontario. The Law Society of Upper Canada will verify this information. You must notify the Law Society immediately should you become ineligible to act as a Contract Lawyer/Paralegal.

Please note that for your records, a copy of your message will also be sent to the e-mail address that you enter.

Sample Profiles
Sample Contract Lawyer Profile

Available to work in Central West region in Brampton and Milton, and am able to travel. I am a 20 year call, semi-retired sole practitioner, with extensive experience in drafting wills, Power of Attorney, and all estate matters (solicitor's work only.) I am available to work either full or part-time.

Sample Contract Lawyer Profile

I can work in the Northwest region, primarily in and around Thunder Bay. I would be prepared to travel and relocate for an extended contract. I was called in 2001, and my practice has been restricted to criminal and family law. Criminal law experience with YCJA, impaired/over 80, domestic violence, drug offences and family law experience in custody/access disputes and agreements, property division, support. I have extensive trial/litigation experience and have co-counselled on a number of large appeals. I have a car and am available to travel as required. Full-time contract work preferred.

Sample Contract Lawyer Profile

Located in South West Region and available to work in Goderich, Stratford, Woodstock, London, St. Thomas and surrounding areas. Called in 1992. Seeking work in the following practice areas: general corporate (including small business arrangements, debtor-creditor) and real estate law. Available for contract work May - November.

All fields are required.

Lawyer Areas of Law:
(List all practice areas in which you are competent and willing to provide legal services)

The contract lawyer and paralegal profiles are sorted by region. Please check off all of the geographic regions in which you are willing to work.
Region Districts Map
Language for provision of legal services:

Using the counties/districts listed within each region above, please list all of those counties/districts in which you are willing to work. Where applicable, note if and where you are able to travel and/or work remotely. You should also set out a brief description of your practice experience and the Contract Lawyer/Paralegal services you are offering. This is an opportunity to provide prospective employers with more information about your experience, skill set and availability. For more guidance, please see the Sample Profiles.
Consent and Declaration
After you complete the previous form, you must download and complete the Consent and Declaration statement and return it to the Law Society for your application to be approved.
Download the Consent and Declaration statement linked below.
Fill in all required fields and sign.
Upload the signed version of the document.
Only PDF, DOC, JPEG and PNG files will be accepted.
(max file size: 5MB)

We are committed to respond to your e-mail within two business days.

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