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Request Time with a Management Coach

The deadline for Applications from Firm Managers interested in participating in the Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) Management Coaching 2020 Program has now passed.  CAN is no longer accepting applications for the 2020 program. 
If you are still interested in how CAN coaching can help you and your firm focus your efforts in the coming year, please consider submitting a Request for Time in CAN’s core coaching program.  There are a few differences between the Management Coaching program and our core CAN coaching program, but both can be highly effective.

Attributes CAN Management Coaching 2020 CAN Coaching
Volunteer All CAN Management Coaches have a minimum of 5 years in a firm leadership role. CAN has a robust roster of seasoned volunteers many of whom are engaged with firm management and leadership issues.  In addition, you can specify a relative degree of seniority in your Request for Time.
Firm size To be eligible you must practise in a firm with between 2 and 20 client service professionals. Open to all firm sizes.
Application Process Limited number of Engagements possible, accordingly the application process is structured to ensure optimized matches.  Application process includes:  Application, creation of a profile, an intake call, assessment of suitability for program and availability of match, acceptance into program, payment of fee, and confirmation of match communicated. Streamlined process:  Submit application form, intake call with CAN staff, match made or status report within 15 business days.
Duration Up to 14 hours over a defined six month period. Up to 5 hours over a three month period.  Opportunity to renew the engagement if mutually agreed.
Scheduling Commences January 15 and runs to June 30, 2020. Rolling start date.
Fee $500.00 due upon acceptance to the program and identification of a confirmed match. No fee.

Use this link here to learn more about the core CAN Coaching program.  Stay connected with CAN by joining our mailing list here.

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