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Permanent Transfer Under the NMA or TMA


Lawyers who wish to be licensed in Ontario and are licensed in a Canadian jurisdiction that has signed and/or implemented the National Mobility Agreement (NMA) or the Territorial Mobility Agreement (TMA) may apply to become licensed in Ontario under By-Law 4 using the mobility rules. 

Lawyers from all Canadian jurisdictions may apply under the mobility rules, except for certain Quebec lawyers (see Who can apply). 

Who Can Apply

Lawyers licensed in a Canadian jurisdiction and who are entitled to practise law in their home jurisdiction may apply.

Quebec lawyers may apply for licensing under this process, other than lawyers who qualified for membership in the Barreau du Québec under the Entente entre le Québec et la France en matière de reconnaissance mutuelle des qualifications professionnelles.

If you have established an economic nexus with Ontario (including becoming resident in Ontario) and want to practise law in Ontario, you should apply.

Applicants must remain entitled to practise in their home jurisdiction until they are called to the bar in Ontario.

NOTE: All eligible mobility candidates who wish to apply for licensing must apply under this process. The permanent transfer by way of licensing exams process, including administrative calls for licensing candidates who have completed the licensing exams, is no longer offered as of October 23, 2021. Licensing candidates who have questions about the licensing exams should contact Licensing and Accreditation (contact information below).

Application Process

The application process has two parts:

  1. Initial review with Complaints & Compliance 
  2. Further review and call to the bar with Licensing and Accreditation

PART I: Complaints & Compliance 

1. Review the application process and timing 

You must submit the most recent version of the application form (see below). Previous versions will not be accepted.

It may take Complaints & Compliance up to 35 business days from receipt of all documents to conduct the initial review of your application.  We will notify you if we have any questions.  

After we review your application and receive proof of payment, we will send you the required reading materials. You must read the reading materials and submit a signed Reading Declaration before your application can be finalized. 

Further processing time is required after we receive your Reading Declaration to prepare your application for transfer to Licensing and Accreditation. You will be notified when your application has been transferred.

2. Provide supporting documents as set out in the application form

The application form and supporting documents (other than passport photos) must be dated within 30 days of the day you submit them.  

Certificate(s) of Standing must be sent to the Law Society directly from the regulatory body. Your Certificate of Standing must not be older than 60 days when the application is ready to be approved by Complaints & Compliance. 

We will contact you if documents are missing or need to be updated.

3. Pay the application fee and any other outstanding fees, where applicable

The Law Society must receive your non-refundable application fee before we will start processing the licensing application.

Item Amount
Application fee $1450.00 
HST (#121712863) $188.50 
Total  $1638.50

You can pay the application fee online through the Law Society Store at

If you cannot pay online, you may pay by enclosing a certified cheque or money order made payable to the “Law Society of Ontario” with your application materials.

You must submit payment or proof of payment with your licensing application.

4. Send us your complete application by email or mail

Send by email to:

Send by mail to:

Complaints & Compliance 
Law Society of Ontario 
Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen St W 
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N6 

Be sure to include: 

  • Completed application form 
  • Required supporting documents as set out in the application form 
  • Proof of payment (or certified cheque or money order if you cannot pay online)  

We will contact you if anything is missing or if we have any questions.  

PART II: Licensing and Accreditation

After your application is reviewed by Complaints & Compliance, it will be forwarded to Licensing and Accreditation for further review.  

You will be provided with additional licensing documents that must be completed and returned prior to becoming licensed.  

Licensing and Accreditation will also advise you on the next available administrative call date.

Application Forms and Additional Documents


All questions about the application for transfer should be directed to Complaints & Compliance by contacting the Law Society at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free 1-800-668-7380 ext. 3315) and asking to be transferred, or by email at

All questions about the licensing process should be directed to Licensing and Accreditation by contacting the Law Society at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free 1-800-668-7380 ext. 3315) and asking to be transferred, or by email at


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