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Obtain a Certificate of Standing

A Certificate of Standing confirms whether a licensee is entitled to practise law or provide legal services in Ontario. The certificate provides full details about a licensee’s:

  • Status
  • Regulatory history
  • Ongoing complaints and investigations, if any

When is a Certificate of Standing Required?

Licensees typically order a certificate when they:

  • Are planning to practise law or provide legal services outside of Ontario
  • Are applying for a job
  • Want information about their regulatory history
  • Are having their credentials assessed by the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA)
  • Are applying to the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)

How to Order a Certificate of Standing

Licensees can order a Certificate of Standing through the Law Society Portal.
Licensees may also authorize a third party to order a certificate. There are two steps:
  1. Complete a Third Party Authorization Form
  2. Direct the third party to purchase the certificate through the Law Society Store

The Law Society will not prepare and release a certificate without a licensee’s prior written authorization.

The Law Society prepares and sends electronic copies of Certificates of Standing. Before placing an order for a certificate(s), make sure that you confirm with any third party recipients that electronic copies are accepted. If electronic copies are not accepted, confirm the mailing instructions and provide them to the Law Society when you place the order. Otherwise, you may be responsible for ordering another certificate at your own cost. 


Item Amount for preparation
Certificate of Standing $50.00 (plus HST) 
Additional copies $10.00 (plus HST)


You (or a third party you authorize) will receive a PDF copy of the certificate by email.

What if I need one or more hard copies of the certificate?

Please order the number of certificates that you require. Explain why you need the paper document(s) in the Order Notes section. 

Important! The State Bars of California and New York typically require a hard copy.

What if I need more than one PDF copy emailed to different recipients?

Please order the number of copies that you need and complete the required Third Party Authorization form(s).

Important! If you require a certificate to be sent to a third party and wish to be copied, no additional copies are required.

Processing Time 

It may take up to 10 business days to process a Certificate of Standing. 

Certificates in French 

Specify in the Order Notes section if you need the Certificate in French.

Other Specific Requirements 

Specify in the Order Notes section if you are applying to HRPA and email your completed HRPA form to Membership Services at  

If your certificate has special requirements or is going to a third party that requires additional forms to be completed, please ensure to include these notes (in the Order Notes section) and send attachments to follow.


If you have questions about certificates of standings email Membership Services at

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