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Submit Your Annual Report Filing

New: Updates to the 2021 Annual Report Filing

The 2021 Annual Report Filing can be submitted beginning January 4, 2022.

When you begin your filing, you may notice that it looks a little different from previous years. That’s because the 2021 Annual Report Filing has been updated to make for a more efficient process for licensees. Here’s what to expect:

Reduced questions

The 2021 Annual Report Filing features fewer questions for all licensees. The new format also ensures licensees only answer questions relevant to their own professional activities. For example, non-practising lawyers and paralegals who did not provide legal services in 2021 will bypass non-relevant questions in the Annual Report Filing.

Auto-filled content

The 2021 Annual Report Filing leverages auto-fill technology for questions that are often similar year-after-year and questions that may take more time to answer. Some questions will appear already filled with the previous year’s information. For other questions, licensees will be able to select whether to they would like the report to automatically fill information from the previous year’s annual report or enter information manually. 

Questions that require calculations, like areas of law/legal services for example, have both an auto-fill option and an automatic tally of percentages to help ensure accuracy. 

The 2021 Annual Report Filing updates an important annual process, reducing the regulatory burden on licensees while upholding the Law Society’s commitment to continuous evolution that allows us to better fulfill our mandate.


Under By-Law 8, Part II all licensees must file an Annual Report Filing with the Law Society by March 31st of each year. Licensees who are lawyers are required to provide details about their practice of law and other related activities during the preceding year in this report, while licensees who are paralegals are required to provide details about their provision of legal services and other related activities during the preceding year. 

By-Law 8, Part II requires the Annual Report Filing to be filed in an electronic format specified by the Law Society.

Who This Applies To

All licensees, regardless of licence type, must submit an Annual Report Filing in order to maintain their licence, unless expressly exempted on application to the Law Society.

Reporting Requirements

  • Submit the complete Annual Report Filing through the Law Society Portal at by March 31st of each year
  • Ensure that Membership Services has up to date contact information (including telephone/fax numbers, and mailing/email addresses for business and home) by reporting any changes immediately after they happen in the Change of Information section of the Law Society Portal at
  • If you require an accommodation under human rights legislation to submit the Annual Report Filing in paper format rather than electronically through the Law Society Portal, under By-Law 8, Part II, you must make a written request to do so. Requests should be sent by email to or by fax to 416-947-3408. You will need to set out the grounds for your request and the nexus between the ground(s) and your inability to submit the Annual Report Filing through the Portal.


Licensees who do not submit their Annual Report Filing by March 31 will be in default as of that date and may have their licence suspended by an Order of the Summary Disposition Bencher any time thereafter. See Administrative Suspension on the Law Society website for more information.

Review Process

The By-Law Administration Services department reviews all paper reports for incomplete and/or blank responses. If a report is incomplete, By-Law Administration Services will contact the licensee to request additional information.

Amendments to the Annual Report Filing must be submitted in writing along with a signed authorization giving permission to amend the filing.

Filing the Annual Report Filing electronically saves time and ensures that all responses are complete before the form can be submitted.

Non-refundable Administrative Fees

There is no fee to file the Annual Report.

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