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Paralegal Licensing Examination Registration and Deferral Information

The Law Society is moving forward with online delivery of all licensing examinations until the end of March 2021. As public health measures regarding social distancing remain in place indefinitely, all in-person delivery of examinations has been cancelled until the end of March 2021.

Registration, deferral, payment, the Statement of Field Placement and a final official transcript are due no later than  the applicable registration deadline specified on the Online Examination page.

Candidates writing an online examination in the 2020-21 year, or who are unsuccessful on the Paralegal Licensing Examination and choose to re-write a Paralegal Licensing Examination scheduled during the licensing year, must complete the Request for Registration or Deferment Form and return it to the Licensing and Accreditation Department prior to the deadline listed on the form.

If you have outstanding documents, such as your final official transcript, the Statement of Field Placement, or any outstanding fees, you will not be permitted to write the Licensing Examination. 

Request for Registration or Deferment Form

Deadlines for Examination Registration or Deferment

After a candidate sends a completed form to the Licensing and Accreditation Department, an invoice will be posted in the candidate’s online account within a few business days.

It is strongly recommended that you submit the form as soon as possible so you may be invoiced and pay by the deadline. Candidates are to note that deadlines have been adjusted due to the COVID-19 situation and the transition to an online delivery platform.

Registration Information for Paralegal Candidates Entering the 2020-21 Licensing Cycle

If you are requesting registration for a licensing examination beyond the registration deadline that is applicable to the examination you wish to write, and missed the deadline based on a ground listed in the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19. (the “Code”),  you must submit your request using the Late Registration Request Form, along with any supporting documentation directly to

For further information on deferring a component of the Licensing Process please see Paralegal Licensing Process Policies, Part VIII, Section 8(8).

NOTE: Submitting a late registration request DOES NOT guarantee that your request will be approved. Applications will be reviewed with regard to the Law Society’s obligations under the Code. Due to operational constraints, priority must be given to candidates who have complied with the applicable deadlines.

Submitting the Licensing Examination Registration or Deferment Form

Please complete and submit this document via your online account as an attachment.

Payment Information

Please refer to the Billing and Payment webpage for further information.

French Language Examination

Candidates may write their examination in English or French.


Candidates who register to write any Paralegal Licensing Examination must apprise themselves of the Paralegal Licensing Process Policies and the Licensing Examination Rules and Protocol. Information on relevant policies and procedures of the Licensing Process may be found online in the document entitled “Licensing Process Policies” which include information on:

Completing the Licensing Process within the Licensing Term:

Paralegal Licensing Process Policies, Part III, Section 3(1)(iii)

Terms or Concepts Explained