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Paralegal Licensing Examination Registration

NOTE: Registration, payment, the Statement of Field Placement and a final official transcript are due no later than 30 business days prior to the examination date.

Candidates who are unsuccessful on the Paralegal Licensing Examination and choose to re-write a Paralegal Licensing Examination, must complete the Registration Form and return it to the Licensing and Accreditation Department prior to the required due date. This form is only to be used by candidates who are re-writing a Licensing Examination.

If you have outstanding documents, such as your final official transcript, the Statement of Field Placement, or any outstanding fees, you will not be permitted to write the Licensing Examination. Please ensure these documents are submitted by the deadline, in addition to the required fees.

Specific deadline dates are posted on the Dates to Remember page

2019-20 Licensing Examination Registration Form

Deadline for Registration

Once you send the completed Registration Form to the Licensing and Accreditation Department, an invoice will be posted in your online account.

Candidates writing the Paralegal Licensing Examination must ensure they register and pay by the 30 business day deadline to ensure their registration is complete. It is strongly recommended that the Registration Form is submitted as soon as possible so that an invoice is issued, allowing the candidate to meet the payment deadline. 

Mail/drop-off the Registration Form to:   
Law Society of Ontario                        Licensing and Accreditation Department 
130 Queen Street West  Toronto, ON M5H 2N6

Scan and email the Registration Form to:


Candidates who are already registered and wish to defer to a later Licensing Examination sitting must complete and return a Request for Change or Deferment Form. This is to be submitted no later than 10 business days prior to the examination date they wish to defer.

Payment and Study Materials

You will be required to register and pay the examination fee (plus applicable tax) for each examination that you register to re-write. If you must re-write a Licensing Examination in the current Licensing Cycle, you must download and print the study materials for self-study. If you are re-writing a Licensing Examination in a new Licensing Cycle, or defer to a new Licensing Cycle, you will be billed and must purchase the updated version of the Licensing Examination study materials on which the Licensing Examinations are developed.

Payments Online

Once you submit a completed Registration Form to the Licensing and Accreditation Department, an invoice will be posted in your online account within a few days and you may make a payment online by logging into your Paralegal Licensing Process online account.

Payments in Person / By Mail

You may make payment in person or by mail by accessing your web account and printing off your invoice when it becomes available. The invoice must accompany any payment made in person or by mail.

French Language Examination

You may choose to write the Paralegal Licensing Examination in French by indicating so on the Registration Form. Please note that the Toronto location provides English-speaking examination proctors and examination instructions in both official languages.


Candidates who register to write any Paralegal Licensing Examination must review the Paralegal Licensing Process Policies and the Licensing Examination Rules and Protocol prior to the Licensing Examination.  Information and documents relevant to examination policies and procedures are also found on the website including: 

The Policy on Deferring an Examination: 
Paralegal Licensing Process Policies, Part VIII, Section 8(8) 
Candidates who are unable to write their examination at their selected sitting must submit a Request for Change or Deferment Form by the prescribed deadline. The Request for Change or Deferment Form is available in the “Fees and Forms” section of the website.

Completing the Licensing Process within the allotted time: 
Paralegal Licensing Process Policies, Part III, Section 3(1)(iii)