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Candidate Supports

FORM - Repayable Allowance Program Application Form for Summer/Fall 2022 Examination Travel and Temporary Lodging (PDF)*


The following supports are available to candidates who are registered in the Law Society’s Licensing Process:


Candidates may request accommodation in the Lawyer Licensing Process or the Paralegal Licensing Process based on a ground listed in the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19. The Law Society can provide accommodations to candidates for the Licensing Examinations. Candidates seeking accommodation must review the Law Society’s Policy and Procedures for Accommodations for Candidates in the Lawyer and Paralegal Licensing Processes. Additional information about Accommodations, including information regarding how to make a request, can be found on the Accommodations page.

Monthly Payment Plan

The Monthly Payment Plan allows candidates to pay their licensing fees in equal monthly installments via valid credit card, over a specific four-month span, depending on the plan selected by the candidate. Candidates who wish to enrol in this plan agree to the prescribed monthly pre-authorized charges to be made on their credit card, in equal installments. All candidates must review the information available on the Fees and Forms page regarding Billing and Payment Information and the Fees Schedule before enrolling in the plan.

Candidates may self-enrol by logging into their Law Society account and selecting the link at left regarding the Monthly Payment Plan. Only eligible invoices for the Licensing Examination and the Study Materials will be available for you to add to the payment plan. All other invoices must be paid in full by the prescribed deadline listed on the invoice. Candidates will only be able to enrol in the plan by the deadlines listed on the Dates to Remember page. Once the deadline to enrol in a payment plan has passed, candidates must pay all fees in full by the required payment/registration deadline(s) if they wish to write a licensing examination.

When considering the prescribed term of your payment plan, candidates should consider when the final payment will be processed and when the candidate intends to be licensed. Candidates cannot be licensed if they have outstanding fees and have not made the remaining payments as agreed to under the plan. Candidates who wish to be licensed before the date the plan concludes must first pay all outstanding fees on their account.

Candidates enrolling in a payment plan must review and agree to the terms and conditions of the plan. Candidates should note the dates on which preauthorized payments will be charged to their credit card. Payments are processed on the 14th day of each month for the duration of the plan selected. More information on the terms and conditions will be available when enrolling in the plan.

Candidates may not add or remove invoices from the plan once the plan has commenced and pre-authorized payments have been made. If any pre-authorized transaction is rejected by the credit card company during the plan, all fees become due for services rendered and candidates must pay each invoice in full by the invoice deadline so as not to jeopardize registration and enrollment in any component of the Licensing Process.

Preloaded credit cards, debit cards and electronic funds transfers are not accepted. VISA, MasterCard and American Express are the only acceptable forms of payment under this plan.

**Note: A non-refundable administrative fee will be charged for each plan a candidate enrols in. The four-month plan administrative fee is $40, plus applicable taxes. This non-refundable fee will be charged to the candidate’s credit card at the time the candidate enrols in the plan online.

Candidates who wish to remove themselves from a spring payment plan and enrol in a fall payment plan may do so by removing all invoices from the spring plan and then enroling in the fall plan before the fall plan’s enrolment deadline.

Provincial Financial Assistance Programs

The following are a couple of provincial programs that are directed at providing financial and employment assistance by the Government of Ontario. This is not a complete list. Other programs may be available.

Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

If you don’t have enough money for food and housing, or if you have a disability and are in financial need, you can apply for financial and employment assistance through Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

Information about how to apply for financial assistance through Ontario Works or the ODSP can be found on the Ontario Works and ODSP website.

Soldiers’ Aid Commission

The Soldiers’ Aid Commission provides financial assistance to Ontario’s eligible Veterans and their families in financial need. The commission may provide up to $2,000 to an eligible veteran and their families over a 12-month period per household.

The commission will consider applications for financial assistance for Ontario’s eligible Veterans and their families in several categories, including the provision of financial assistance for employment-related supports to remove barriers to employment, or improve employability for veterans and their families.

Information about how to apply for financial assistance from Soldiers’ Aid Commission can be found on the Soldiers’ Aid Commission website.

Windmill Microlending

If you are an internationally trained immigrant in another country and have recently immigrated to Canada, the Windmill Microlending loan may assist you financially with your licensing fees. Please visit the Windmill Microlending website for more information.


The Law Society provides access to tutoring from experienced members of the profession for those candidates who have been unsuccessful with the Licensing Examinations. Additional information for candidates and Tutors can be found on the Tutoring page.

Discrimination and Harassment Counsel Service

As part of the Law Society of Ontario's efforts to enable equity and diversity in the workplace and the profession, and to help stop discrimination and harassment, the Law Society provides a Discrimination and Harassment Counsel service free-of-charge to the Ontario public, lawyers and paralegals. The Discrimination and Harassment Counsel confidentially assists anyone who may have experienced discrimination or harassment by a lawyer or paralegal

Preventing and Addressing Harassment and Discrimination:
Information and Resources for Candidates in the Licensing Process

Member Assistance Program

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is provided by Homewood Health to all lawyers, paralegals, law students, and judges in Ontario, as well as their family members. It is a fully confidential service funded by the Law Society of Ontario.


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