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Licensing Examination Overview

The Law Society’s service providers for the online licensing examinations are Paradigm Testing and MonitorEDU, who administer the licensing examination software and remote proctoring, respectively.

The online licensing examinations are delivered to candidates on their laptop or desktop computer. The delivery is through a secure, browser-based platform that locks down the computer from accessing anything except for the licensing examination.

A live proctor will verify candidates’ identification and monitor candidates during the administration of the licensing examination through audio and video streaming via two cameras: a computer webcam and a smartphone camera.

Candidates must carefully read and comply with the Rules and Protocol (for lawyers or for paralegals). It contains details on several candidate obligations, many of which must be completed several weeks or days in advance of the licensing examination.

Candidates who do not meet licensing examination-related requirements and deadlines are subject to several different potential consequences, depending upon what requirement has not been met.

These consequences include the following:

  • inability to write a licensing examination on the candidate’s preferred date or during the candidate’s preferred sitting (i.e., summer, fall, or winter);
  • inability to receive a requested accommodation for the candidate’s preferred sitting;
  • inability to receive a substantive response to a request prior to the candidate’s preferred sitting;
  • delay in starting a licensing examination;
  • termination of a licensing examination before it is completed; or
  • disciplinary action by the Law Society (e.g., for licensing examination misconduct).

For further information regarding the licensing examinations, please visit the main Licensing Examinations page (for lawyers or for paralegals).

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