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Information for law students and NCA applicants

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You must be licensed by the Law Society of Ontario to work as a lawyer in Ontario. To become licensed, you must:

Other Law Society resources

Harassment and discrimination have no place in the legal professions. The Discrimination and Harassment Program runs independently from the Law Society and provides assistance to anyone who may have experienced discrimination or harassment by a lawyer, paralegal, or licensing candidate within Ontario. For more information, see Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (PDF).
The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is a confidential service fully independent of the Law Society. Lawyers, paralegals, law students, other legal professionals and their families covered by the MAP are provided with confidential access to a number of services. Members can get professional help with issues related to addictions, mental or physical health, work-life balance, career, family and more.

Download the How to Become a Lawyer in Ontario fact sheet.
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