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Solicitor Licensing Examination Tutoring Request Form

The Tutoring Request Form and Agreement (Request Form) must be submitted on or before the applicable registration deadline for the candidate’s selected licensing examination sitting. The candidate must be registered to rewrite the licensing examination before submitting a tutoring request. All requests are subject to tutor availability.

This Request Form applies only to the next scheduled solicitor licensing examination sitting. Should a candidate register for a subsequent sitting of the solicitor licensing examination, the candidate must submit a new Request Form.

By submitting the Request Form, the candidate is acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  1. I am requesting the assistance of a tutor in my preparations for my upcoming licensing examination. I have registered and paid for the licensing examination for which I am seeking tutoring.
  2. I can request a maximum of five hours of tutoring in up to three areas of substantive law. I must request a minimum of one hour per desired subject area, with subsequent increases in no less than half hour increments. Tutors are not obliged to provide tutoring services beyond the allotted tutoring times.
  3. I will not seek to amend the requested allocations for tutoring in the Request Form once submitted. I will send any request to cancel tutoring services to
  4. Upon being matched with (a) tutor(s), I will contact the tutor(s) within 72 hours to arrange a tutoring session. I understand that I may need to adjust my schedule to accommodate the tutor’s availability and that my assigned tutor may not be available at my preferred times.
  5. My contact information may be provided to the assigned tutor(s).
  6. I understand that my tutor will determine the mode (online, by phone, or in person) and location of tutoring (although the tutor may consult with me regarding my preferred mode).
  7. I will communicate with my tutor(s) in a professional and courteous manner at all times and will be respectful of each tutor’s time.
  8. I will contact the tutor at least 24 hours in advance if I cannot attend a scheduled tutoring session. If I do not provide 24 hours’ notice, I may be charged a missed session fee of $75 and forfeit the allotted tutoring time.
  9. I will notify Tutoring Services within 24 hours if I defer my licensing examination or if I no longer require tutoring for any other reason. I understand that, if I defer, I have to reapply for tutoring once I have registered and paid for the new examination sitting and that, if I have already used my allotted tutoring hours, I am not eligible to receive additional hours.
  10. I will be on time for each tutoring session. I will prepare for the session in advance by having questions prepared and having notes on the specific sections of the study materials or concepts in law that are giving me difficulty, etc. I understand that tutoring is not a substitute for thorough review and self-study of the materials and that the tutor is not intended to be a teacher or instructor.
  11. The tutor may provide the Law Society with the tutor’s notes regarding the tutoring session.
  12. I am solely responsible for any telephone, Internet, travel, and any other costs associated with accessing tutoring sessions.
  13. Failure to meet any of the above conditions or requirements may result in the termination of the tutoring session or the availability to me of tutoring sessions in the future.

Do not submit a Request Form unless you meet the below criteria.

With regard to the solicitor licensing examination, I confirm that
I was unsuccessful on a previous sitting of the examination
I am requesting tutoring for the next scheduled sitting of the examination
I am registered for the next scheduled sitting of the examination

I am submitting a Request Form on or before the registration deadline of the next scheduled sitting of the examination

I have paid the examination and study materials fee (or made arrangements to pay by enrolling in the Law Society’s monthly payment plan) for the next scheduled sitting of the examination
( ) -
I have previously received tutoring for the solicitor licensing examination

Date format: (MM/YYYY)
I understand that if the total number of hours of tutoring requested exceeds five hours, the request will not be unable to be processed and, if the deadline has passed, I may be unable to receive tutoring
By checking this box, I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions applicable to tutoring requests set out on the Law Society webpage

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