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Finding a Placement

As a candidate, you are responsible for finding an articling placement with a Law Society approved articling principal. You must confirm that your articling principal is approved by the Law Society prior to starting your placement by contacting Licensing and Accreditation through your online account.

If you are currently seeking an articling placement, there are several initiatives and supports to assist you below.

Recruitment Procedures

If you are a law student participating in the recruitment process for a summer position in Toronto or an articling placement, please refer to the recruitment procedures below.

The Law Society sets out Procedures governing the recruitment of students for summer positions in the City of Toronto as well as Procedures for the recruitment of articling candidates across the province of Ontario. These Procedures are binding on licensees, students and licensing process candidates and are to be followed in letter as well as in spirit. Participants in law student recruitment are encouraged to review the relevant documents in full, and to contact the Law Society should they require any clarification or assistance.

Placement Search Resources

  • Articling Registry
    The Articling Registry serves as a job board of available articling placements for Ontario articling candidates. Law firms, legal organizations, law students and licensing candidates may use the registry for finding paid articling placements.
  • Mentorship Program
    The objective of the Mentorship Program is to provide candidates searching for an articling placement with support by pairing them with a lawyer who will provide advice and encouragement during their search. 

    Mentee Registration Form 
    Mentor Enrolment Form
  • Biographical Paragraphs
    Candidates may submit a one paragraph summary of their qualifications to the Law Society for distribution to potential employers and others who have contacted our office in search of an articling candidate.   If you are an employer who is able to offer paid articling placements and would like a copy of the current compilation of paragraphs, please contact our office. 
    Biographical Paragraph Submission Form 

Additional Resources

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