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Ending a Placement

Step One: File the Certificate of Service

Carefully complete and file the Certificate of Service under Articles form within 10 business days of your articling end date. If you wish to be called to the bar in June you must file the Certificate of Service by the early filing deadline (the first business day of April). You and your principal must sign this form.

How to File:

  1. Download and complete the Certificate of Service form 

  2. Send the form to

Step Two: Complete the Record of Experiential Training

 Within ten business days of the end of your articling placement, both you and your articling principal are required to file the respective record of experiential training online.

Purpose: The record of experiential training is used to report your experience during the articling placement as it relates to the experiential training competencies. If you were not able to perform all of the competencies, you can explain why in this report.

How to File:

  1. Log into your Licensing Process online account.
  2. On the left hand side you will see “Experiential Training.” Click on this tab.
  3. You will see your principal’s name in a table with a “Manage” button.
  4. Click “Manage” to complete the report.
  5. Click “Preview and File with the Law Society” to submit.

This concludes your experiential training. If you do not intend on providing legal services before you are called to the bar, then there are no more steps for you to take. If you do intend on providing legal services after you complete your experiential training, but before you are called to the bar, you must file a Supervision Agreement, as explained below.

Step Three (if applicable): File a Supervision Agreement

If you intend on providing legal services after you have completed experiential training and before you are called to the bar, first review the Guidelines for Lawyer Licensing Candidates Awaiting Call to the Bar.  As explained in this guide, you must complete the Supervision Agreement form in order to provide legal services, which must be signed by yourself and your supervisor. This form must be accompanied by a letter of request, outlining the circumstances of the agreement, signed by you.

Supervision Agreements may be approved for a period of up to four months or the next Call to the Bar. You may not provide legal services until the Supervision Agreement has been approved. If you seek to provide legal services beyond the approved term, you may file a subsequent Supervision Agreement with a new letter of request.

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