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The 1970s

During the 1970s, increased enrollment in the Bar Admission Course led to the opening of two offices outside of Toronto, in London and Ottawa. Call to the Bar ceremonies were now held in three cities across the province. On April 12th, 1976, the first call to the Bar ceremony to take place outside of Toronto was held at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.


Ticket to the call to the Bar ceremony at the O'Keefe Centre, April 8th, 1976.

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Date Location                        Honourary LL.D. Recipient                 Speaker
1970-03-19 Toronto Hon. John Parmenter Robarts, P.C., Q.C., LL.D., Prime Minister of Ontario       Hon. John Parmenter Robarts, P.C., Q.C., LL.D., Prime Minister of Ontario
1970-06-09 (joint academic convocation) Toronto   Professor Myres Smith McDougal, Sterling Professor of Law, Yale Law School
1971-03-26 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Bora Laskin                              Hon. Mr. Justice Bora Laskin
1972-03-24 Toronto   Hon. Otto E. Lang, P.C., Q.C.
1973-03-23 Toronto Arthur A. Wishart              Arthur A. Wishart
1974-03-22 Toronto Rt. Hon. D. Roland Michener Rt. Hon. D. Roland Michener
1975-03-20 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice E. Patrick Hartt Hon. Mr. Justice E. Patrick Hartt
1975-03-21 Toronto Hon. Emmett Matthew Hall Hon. Emmett Matthew Hall
1976-04-08 Toronto   Maurice F. Strong, President of Petro-Canada
1976-04-09 Toronto   Saul F. Rae, Permanent Representative and Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, New York
1976-04-12 Ottawa   Hon. Walter F. Schroeder, retired judge of the Supreme Court of Ontario
1977-03-25 Ottawa   Ruth M. Bell, former Dean of Political Science, University of Waterloo and Chairman, Committee on the Status of Women (Canadian Commission for UNESCO)
1977-03-28 London   His Honour Chief Judge W.E.C. Colter, Chief Judge of the County and District Courts of the Counties and Districts of Ontario
1977-03-29 Toronto   Hon. R. Roy McMurtry, Q.C., Attorney General for Ontario
1978-04-13 Toronto   Hon. W.G.C. Howland, Chief Justice of Ontario
1978-04-14 Toronto   Arthur E.M. Maloney, Q.C., The Ombudsman, Ontario
1978-04-17 London   His Honour Judge G.P. Killeen, County of Middlesex
1978-04-19 Ottawa   Hon. Mr. Justice Spence, Supreme Court of Canada
1979-04-05 Toronto Brendan O'Brien, Q.C. Brendan O'Brien, Q.C.
1979-04-06 Toronto Stuart Douglas Thom, Q.C. Stuart Douglas Thom, Q.C.
1979-04-09 Ottawa   Me André Brossard, c.r., Bâtonnier of the Bar of Quebec
1979-04-11 London   Professor David L. Johnston, A.B., LL.B., Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario
1979-05-09 Toronto   P.B.C. Pepper, Q.C., Acting Treasurer
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