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The 1950s


Photograph of call to the Bar ceremony, Convocation Hall, Osgoode Hall, Sept. 15th, 1955.

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Date Location  Speaker
1950-06-29 Toronto            Hon. Mr. Justice Kerwin, Supreme Court of Canada
1950-09-28  Toronto Hon. Dana H. Porter, Attorney-General of Ontario
1951-06-21 Toronto Hon. Leslie M. Frost, K.C., Prime Minister of Ontario
1951-09-14 Toronto Rt. Hon. Sir Raymond Evershed, Master of the Rolls
1952-06-19   Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice J. Keiller Mackay
1952-09-24 Toronto Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Sir John William Morris, P.C., C.B.E., M.C., LL.D.
1953-06-25 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Estey, Supreme Court of Canada
1953-09-17 Toronto  Rt. Hon. Lord Simonds, P.C., Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain
1954-06-24 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Schroeder, Supreme Court of Ontario
1954-09-16 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Cartwright, Supreme Court of Canada
1955-06-23 Toronto Hon. J.W. Pickup, Chief Justice of Ontario
1955-09-15 Toronto Hon. J.C. McRuer, Chief Justice of the High Court
1956-06-28 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Taschereau, Supreme Court of Canada
1956-09-20 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Aylesworth
1957-06-27 Toronto Dr. Sidney E. Smith
1957-09-20    Toronto Rt. Hon. Sir Harry Hylton-Foster
1958-06-26 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Schroeder
1958-09-19  Toronto Hon. Dana Porter, Chief Justice of Ontario
1959-06-25 Toronto Hon. Dana Porter, Chief Justice of Ontario
1959-09-18 Toronto Hon. Mr. Justice Sir Kenneth Diplock, Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice of England
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