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Annual Reports

The Law Society has published an annual report since 1986. The annual report gives an account of the Law Society’s performance and initiatives, provides statistical data, and reports the financial statements for the organization. A French version of the annual report was first published in 1991. Since 2002, the financial statements have been published separately from the annual report. Beginning in 2013, the Law Society has issued a web-based annual report, with PDF versions also being produced from 2015 to 2019.
Available below are English versions of the Law Society’s annual reports from 1986 to the present, and the financial statements reports from 2002 to the present. The French versions of the annual reports and financial statements are available here.
From 1968 to 1985, the Treasurer’s report to the annual meeting was printed in the Law Society of Upper Canada’s publication Gazette. Issues of the Gazette can be located in the Law Society’s Archives or in the Great Library at Osgoode Hall.
Annual Report Financial Statements
2021 Online Annual Report 2021 Financial Statements
2020 Online Annual Report 2020 Financial Statements
2019 Annual Report (PDF) 2019 Financial Statements
2018 Online Annual Report
2018 Annual Report (PDF)
2018 Financial Statements
2017 Online Annual Report
2017 Annual Report (PDF)
2017 Financial Statements
2016 Online Annual Report
2016 Annual Report (PDF)
2016 Financial Statements
2015 Online Annual Report
2015 Annual Report (PDF)
2015 Financial Statements
2014 Online Annual Report 2014 Financial Statements
2013 Online Annual Report 2013 Financial Statements
2012 Performance Highlights 2012 Financial Statements
2011 Performance Highlights 2011 Financial Statements
2010 Performance Highlights 2010 Financial Statements
2009 Performance Highlights 2009 Financial Statements
2008 Performance Highlights 2008 Financial Statements
2007 Performance Highlights 2007 Financial Statements
2006 Performance Highlights 2006 Financial Statements
2005 Performance Highlights 2005 Financial Statements
2004 Performance Highlights 2004 Financial Statements
2003 Performance Highlights 2003 Financial Statements
2002 Performance Highlights 2002 Financial Statements
2001 Annual Report  
2000 Annual Report  
1999 Annual Report  
1998 Annual Report  
1997 Annual Report  
1996 Annual Report  
1995 Annual Report  
1994 Annual Report  
1993 Annual Report  
1992 Annual Report  
1991 Annual Report  
1990 Annual Report  
1989 Annual Report  
1988 Annual Report  
1987 Annual Report  
1986 Annual Report  

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