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Archival Finding Aids

Private Fonds and Collections

The following is a list of the private fonds and collections (also known as sets of "papers" or "manuscript collections") housed at the Archives of the Law Society of Ontario. The fonds and collections are listed by name of the creator. Each is assigned a unique reference code, which researchers should cite when enquiring about a particular fonds or collection.

Finding aids are available online for several of the private fonds and collections. Researchers can access the finding aid by clicking on the highlighted title. Researchers are advised to check this list regularly as additional fonds and finding aids are added as they become available.

Descriptions of many of the fonds and collections are also available on ARCHEION and Archives Canada.

Creator Reference Code
Aaron, Robert PF105
Abramson, Albert PF201
Acomb, Tom PF222
Addy, George Arthur PF240
Admission and call certificate collection PF157
Advocates' Society PF70
Aird, John Black PF198
Anderson, William J. PF230
Ardagh, Bertram Holford PF69
Arnup, John D. PF42
Ault, Percy PF35
Aylesworth, Allen Bristol PF212
Baldwin, Robert PF156
Beaty, James, Jr. PF68
Bell, William Douglas PF238
Bicknell, Alfred PF104
Biggs, Stanley PF187
Bishop, William Avery PF149
Blainey, William PF167
Blake family PF194
Bonnycastle, Henry PF140
Borden, Henry PF218
Boyd, John Alexander PF163
Bradley, Janet PF246
British and Canadian jurists scrapbook collection PF135
Brown, Alice Ross PF124
Brown, David PF72
Brown, E.P. PF23
Brunet, Mélanie PF172
Byam, Edith Marion PF209
Cameron, Matthew Crooks PF138
Canadian Bar Association PF10
Canadian IT Law Association PF232
Carey, Tom PF67
Carr, Donald PF183
Carson, Cyril F.H. PF66
Cashman, James PF32
Cassels, Hamilton, Jr. PF77
Cassels, Richard Scougall PF76
Cassels, Robert PF226
Chadwick, Edward PF9
Chisholm, Sir Joseph PF152
Christie, Edwin Arnold PF237
Clark, George Mackenzie PF24
Clark, Harriet A.L. PF169
Clark, Herbert A. PF168
Clarke, Edward PF153
Clifford, Frank PF229
Conway, Austin PF225
County of York Law Association PF92
Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace PF16
Crack, David PF47
Denison family PF6
Denison, John Shirley PF7
Denton, Frank PF36
Desaulniers, Donald W. PF227
Dick, Robert C. PF121
Dickson MacGregor Appell LLP PF236
Dingwall, Kenneth PF166
Doran, A. Burke PF11
Dunnion, Patrick PF160
Drukarsh, Charles PF242
Essex Law Association PF213
Falconbridge, William Glenholme PF63
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP PF189
Ferguson, Robert Gowan PF179
Finlayson, George D. PF207
Ford, Frank PF81
Forsey, Eugene PF158
Foundation of the Bar of Ontario PF171
Fowler, David PF165
Fraser and Beatty PF241
 Fraser, Mildred PF164
Gale, George Alexander PF208
Galilee, John A.M.    PF216
Geller, John Arthur PF202
Golden, Aubrey PF53
Goodwillie, Frederick Barber PF82
Gorrell, J. David PF38
Greenstein, Rose PF186
Griffiths, Wilson David PF43
Guthrie, Donald Percy PF74
Guthrie, H. Donald PF247
Guthrie and Kerwin PF205
Guyer, J. David PF106
Hagarty, John Hawkins PF146
Hands, William PF18
Harris, Holly PF46
Harrison, Robert Alexander PF150
Hastings, George Warren PF210
Hayes, Henry Stuart PF239
Holden family PF102
Holland, Richard E. PF180
Holmested, George Smith PF134
Honsberger, Hugh Stanley PF195
Honsberger, John PF41
Horning, John Arthur PF94
Horrocks family PF13
Houston, Edward J. PF177
Howland, William G.C. PF30
Hughes Amys LLP PF245
Hyndman, Margaret PF86
Irving, Sir Aemilius PF64
Jamieson, D. Park PF25
Jarvis, Frederick William PF99
Jarvis, Kenneth Phillips PF161
Johnston, George A. PF21
Juvenile Advocate Society PF5
Kelley, George Mortimer PF143
Kelly, Hugh Thomas PF128
Kennedy, John deNavarre PF100
Kent Law Association PF190
Kerbel, Joel PF233
Kyer, C. Ian PF191
Lacourciere, Maurice PF84
Laird family PF181
Lash, Peter PF115
Lash, Zebulon PF204
Lawrence, Paul PF39
Lawyers Club PF1
Lea, Charles PF178
Legal documents collection PF118
Legge, Laura PF45
Levis, Fern PF223
Levy, Earl J. PF244
Lieberman, Reuben PF56
Lieff, Abraham PF103
Linton, Art  PF234
Logie, Alexander PF59
Luxenberg, Benjamin         PF217
Macaulay, James Buchanan PF20
Macdonald, John Sandfield PF147
MacDonald, Michael PF214
MacKinnon, James W. PF109
MacRae, Donald Alexander PF133
Mallon, James Woods PF79
Married Woman's Real Estate Act collection PF71
Martin, D'Arcy Argue Counsell PF120
Martin, G. Arthur PF184
Maxwell, John PF40
McCarthy, D'Alton Lally PF3
McCarthy, D'Alton, Jr. PF55
McKindsey, John PF132
McLean, Mary Constance PF93
McMillan, Edward Gordon PF111
McNab, John Walter PF193
McQuesten, Isaac Baldwin PF96
McRuer, James Chalmers PF73
McTaggart, Donald H. PF231
Meredith family PF108
Middleton, William E. PF228
Molloy, John PF80
Monk, John PF142
Moore, Christopher PF44
Morrison, Bruce, Mrs. PF90
Morson, Frederick Montye PF145
Moss, Charles PF98
Moss family PF219
Mulcahy, John Thomas PF110
Mulock, William PF75
Murray, Eric R. PF170
Nason, Joseph PF112
Nelligan, John P. PF52
Nesbitt, Wallace Rankine PF83
Newbould, Frank J.C. PF87
Newell, W. Alan PF185
Nickle, William Folger PF125
Obee, Harvey PF199
Ontario Court of Appeal collection PF88
Orders of admission to British House of Commons collection PF154
Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History PF49
Osgoode, William PF8
Osler, Britton Bath P203
Parry Sound Law Association PF182
Pepper, Barry PF17
Plaxton, Donald PF119
Ponton, William Hamilton PF97
Prentice, John Leslie PF130
Pustina, Nicholas PF235
Raymond and Honsberger PF33
Reed, T.A. PF89
Reesor, John Franklin PF122
Renné, Frederick PF141
Riddell, William Renwick PF61
Robinette, John Josiah PF131
Robinson, Christopher PF4
Robinson, John A. PF95
Robinson, John Beverley PF27
Robins, Sydney PF188
Roe, Walter PF60
Rowell, Newton Wesley PF224
Samuel, Lewis PF107
Scace, Arthur Lawrence PF114
Scadding, Henry PF29
Scime, Charles Samuel PF127
Sedgwick, Joseph PF139
Shannon, James Henry PF192
Shepley, George PF12
Simcoe County Law Association PF129
Simcoe, John Graves PF26
Skidmore, Patricia PF173
Smalley-Baker, Charles Ernest PF136
Smart, William Lynn PF57
Smellie, Brenda Macrae PF243
Smellie, Robert Scarth PF28
Smith, John PF15
Smith, Rae and Greer PF116
Smith, W. Earl PF113
Snyder, Cecil PF117
Stewart, John Leslie PF65
Stewart, Thomas Brown Phillips PF162
Stirling, David PF148
Strachan, John PF155
Strauss, Albert A. PF51
Strauss, Nathan PF78
Street family PF62
Street, George Charles PF196
Sudbury Law Association PF19
Tait, Reginae M. PF50
Tanenbaum, Howard A. PF31
Taylor, Thomas Wardlaw PF144
Temple, C.K. PF123
Terry, William C. PF22
Thom family PF101
Thomas Burgess family PF14
Thomas, Douglas Cameron PF200
Thomson, Claude Renwick PF206
Thomson, Thelma PF91
Tolmie, Andrew PF126
Toronto Dominion Bank Archives collection PF37
Toronto Lawyers Association PF215
Van Every family PF175
Waddell and Waddell PF211
Wadsworth, Michael PF159
Walsh, Michael PF85
Weir, Samuel E. PF54
White, John PF137
Whiteley, Alan PF248
Williams, John Reesor PF174
Williston, Walter Bernard PF151
Women's Law Association of Ontario PF58
Wright, William McKay PF2
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