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Technology Task Force

Emerging legal technologies have the potential to significantly impact the public, the legal professions, and the Law Society as a regulator.

The Technology Task Force, composed of lawyer, paralegal, and publicly-appointed lay benchers, is reviewing the Law Society’s regulatory mandate, framework, and standards to determine whether they will adequately serve the needs of Ontarians going forward in light of major technological developments.

The Task Force is examining these issues with a view to recommending regulatory approaches and tools that will appropriately facilitate access to justice and protect the public. 

In November 2019, the Task Force released an update report  which outlines its preliminary observations and work process. 

The report frames issues for consideration including:
  • the ways in which new legal technologies engage current regulatory standards and professional conduct rules, as well as their prospects for making legal services and justice outcomes more accessible to the public
  • key guiding principles, policy objectives, and practical challenges
  • regulatory approaches and tools that the Task Force will consider in its ongoing work.

The Task Force also recognizes an immediate need for the Law Society to do more to foster innovation within the legal professions. As a first step, the Task Force is beginning to develop enhanced professional guidance about technology usage. 

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