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Lawyer experiential training program enhancements

Update – October 2020
Enhancements to the experiential training component of the lawyer licensing process, approved by Convocation in December 2018, are on hold and will not be implemented by May 2021 as originally intended.  

The enhancements are on hold as a result of new priorities that have emerged since the onset of COVID-19. Several significant adjustments have been made to ensure the continuity of the lawyer and paralegal licensing process throughout the pandemic.  

The Law Society will continue to monitor the impacts of the pandemic on the lawyer and paralegal licensing processes as it assesses the need for further adjustments. 

For more information on the licensing process adjustments, see the report to October 2020 Convocation.

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  • Background
    The Law Society decided to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the lawyer licensing process (the Dialogue on Licensing), following its 2016 review of the Pathways Pilot Project, which included the Law Practice Program pilot and enhancements to the Articling Program.
    The goal of the Dialogue on Licensing was to formulate long-term recommendations for an appropriate and sustainable licensing system for lawyers in Ontario.

    In the spring of 2017, the Law Society engaged directly with the professions and stakeholders and held a series of facilitated in-person and webcast discussions about the realities, challenges and opportunities of lawyer licensing.

    Drawing on those discussions and extensive research, the Law Society developed and consulted on four options for pathways to licensure, from May to October 2018.  Consultation activities included a call for input through written submissions, facilitated focus groups held across the province and several in-depth telephone interviews.
    On December 10, 2018, the Law Society’s governing board (Convocation) approved the Current Model with Enhancements option for lawyer licensing. This model retains articling and the Law Practice Program, with significant enhancements.
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