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Family Legal Services Provider Licence



The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) (see Appendix D of consultation paper) to accredited teaching facilities for the suggested training outline of the proposed Family Legal Services Provider (FLSP) Licence.

The development of a FLSP Licence is one of the LSO’s responses aimed at facilitating access to justice in family law. The most acute legal need for Ontarians is representation in family court, where approximately 60 per cent of Ontarians do not have legal representation.

The Access to Justice Committee is seeking feedback from potential educational institutions regarding design, delivery options, duration of the program, criteria for faculty selection and assessment requirements to ensure fulfillment of the competencies which form the basis of the proposed FLSP Licence.

This RFI is expressly not intended to create a legal relationship with any education provider or initiate or be part of a formal legally binding bidding process and does not constitute a commitment by the LSO to procure any good or service.  

Any changes to this RFI will be communicated by way of a written addendum to be posted on the RFI addenda page.

All addenda, including any addendum issued to respond to questions will be deemed to be incorporated into this RFI. In preparing their response, education providers should not take into consideration any changes to this RFI or any response to questions unless such changes or responses are confirmed by addendum.

All education providers are responsible for ensuring that they have reviewed all addenda issued by the LSO.

The timetable for the Request for Information process is as follows: 

# Description Dates
1 RFI release date June 26, 2020
2 Deadline for submission of questions (questions should be submitted November 2, 2020
3 LSO response to questions (responses will be posted to the RFI addenda page) November 16, 2020
4 Deadline for submission of response to RFI November 30, 2020

The LSO reserves the right to terminate this RFI process for any reason at any time.
Education providers may respond to the RFI by submitting, by e-mail, hand delivery, mail, or courier, a completed and signed Response Form in Appendix #1 of the RFI. 

Responses should be clearly marked with RFI Reference Number LSO-RFI-FLSP012020 and addressed to the attention of:

Senior Counsel, FLSP Call for Comment
Professional Development and Competence
Law Society of Ontario
130 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON  M5H 2N6

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