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Family Law Action Plan

The Law Society is implementing the Family Law Action Plan to improve access to justice for Ontario families.

As part of the Action Plan, the Law Society’s Access to Justice Committee launched a Call for Comment to assess a proposed model for a Family Legal Services Provider (FLSP) Licence. Submissions to the Call for Comment, which is now closed, can be viewed here.

The Law Society also issued a Request for Information to gather information from accredited colleges and universities for the delivery of an educational training program to support the proposed FLSP licence. 

The Law Society will be considering next steps and how best to move access to legal services forward in this important area in a way that is realistic and achievable. Further updates will be made available as we move ahead.

In addition to the development of the proposed licence, the Family Law Action Plan includes the action items listed below. Click on each point for more information.

  • Support and promote the expanded use of unbundled legal services and legal coaching
  • Consider experiential training for lawyer candidates in the licensing process
    The Law Society, in partnership with the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice, is launching a pilot project that may offer Ontarians increased access to affordable family law legal services.  
    Beginning January 17, 2022, the Family Law Rights of Appearance Pilot Project will allow individuals who have studied law and are articling or completing work placements to provide legal services, under the supervision of a licensed lawyer, to individuals with family law matters before the courts.
    This initiative provides:
    • family law lawyers with a potentially more cost-effective option for assisting clients
    • individuals who are articling or completing work placements with increased opportunities to appear in court while still benefitting from supervision by an experienced lawyer
    • courts, lawyers and clients with the benefit of knowing that safeguards are in place to ensure that clients’ interests are protected.

    Details can be found on the Rights of Appearance page.
  • Review the conduct rules to help clarify the legal information that may be provided to unrepresented litigants by court staff
  • Background

    Convocation (the Law Society’s board of directors) approved the Family Law Action Plan, in principle, at its December 2017 meeting.

    The action plan was developed in response to the 21 recommendations outlined in the Family Legal Services Review and in consideration of the over 160 submissions received from individuals and organizations. 

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