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Inclusion Index

In accordance Recommendation 6 of the Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees Working Group Final Report (“Working Together for Change: Strategies to Address Issues of Systemic Racism in the Legal Professions”), the Law Society will begin publishing an inclusion index in 2019, which will subsequently be updated once every four years.

The Law Society will develop and publish the inclusion index for legal workplaces with 25 or more licensees. The index will be based on the legal workplace’s self-assessment information, demographic data obtained from the Lawyer Annual Report and Paralegal Annual Report, and the information gathered from the inclusion questions. The inclusion index will be made available to the professions and the public.

The inclusion index is a valuable tool for legal workplaces and the Law Society to determine whether there is progress in the professions in the areas of diversity and inclusion. The inclusion index will include scores and rankings based on the presence or lack thereof of equality-related policies and practices.