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June 28, 2022

Treasurer Jacqueline Horvat takes office: On June 15, Convocation elected Jacqueline Horvat as Treasurer for the 2022-23 term. She officially took office at the beginning of this morning’s meeting. “I am honoured to be elected by my peers to this leadership role and am dedicated to working with the Board to help the Law Society make decisions that are in the public interest,” said Ms. Horvat. “I look forward to working with benchers, stakeholders and fellow licensees to ensure that diverse points of view are taken into account in order serve the public well.” Read the full news release.

Election of Cheryl Siran as bencher: Cheryl Siran was elected as bencher to fill the vacancy created by the election of Jacqueline Horvat as Treasurer.

Mandatory succession planning consultation launched: The Professional Regulation Committee has launched a consultation process to obtain feedback on a recommendation from the Trustee Services Working Group to implement a mandatory succession planning requirement for licensees in private practice. The proposed plan includes the development of mandatory succession planning criteria, the creation of supports and resources to assist licensees with succession planning, and reporting and enforcement requirements. The consultation is open until November 30 and the Committee invites feedback from the professions, stakeholders and the public. Input from sole practitioners and licensees in small private practice firms is vital. Read the report to Convocation.

Inclusion Index: Convocation considered a report from the Equity and Indigenous Affairs Committee that reaffirms the Law Society’s commitment to strengthening equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Ontario’s legal workplaces and the continued development of a protocol for collection and publication of data pertaining to EDI in legal workplaces. A motion was approved that means the 2019 Inclusion Index, which was delayed by the onset of the pandemic, will not be publicly released. The decision follows the findings of a peer review conducted by a panel of independent experts. Law Society stakeholders will be engaged in dialogue over the coming months in the continued development of a protocol for data collection, and the publication of data pertaining to equity, diversity and inclusion in legal workplaces in future.

Access to Innovation (A2I): Convocation received an update on the Law Society’s Access to Innovation project. The A2I project welcomes applications from any individual, business or organization with a proposal to deliver innovative legal services to Ontarians. Read the report or watch the video to learn more about the A2I project and the benefits of participating.

Articling term length: Convocation agreed to continue the eight-month minimum articling term for the next two licensing cycles to allow time to gather additional feedback from students, candidates, and other stakeholders. See the report.

Rule amendments: Convocation approved amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct commentary regarding technological competence. The amendments, which are adopted from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s Model Code, were recommended to Convocation in May by the Competence Task Force. Similar amendments were made to the Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines by the Paralegal Standing Committee. See the full report.

Other decisions:


Announcement – Election of Treasurer  
Treasurer’s Remarks


Consent Agenda - Motion

  • Motion – Election of Bencher 
  • ​Confirmation of Draft Minutes of Convocation – May 26, 2022 
  • Motion – Tribunal Appointments 
  • Professional Development and Competence Committee Report – Articling Term Length 

Professional Regulation Committee Report

  • Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct Commentary – Technological Competence 

For Information: 


Human Rights Monitoring Group Request for Intervention

  • Hong Kong 


Equity and Indigenous Affairs Committee Report

  • Recommendation Regarding the 2019 Inclusion Index 

For Information: 

  • Update on the Law Society’s Indigenous Initiatives 
  • ​Update on Trip to Northern Indigenous Communities 



Audit and Finance Committee Report

  • LAWPRO Financial Statements for the Quarter ended March 31, 2022 
  • ​LiRN Inc. Financial Statements for the Quarter ended March 31, 2022 
  • Cost of Motions 


Technology Task Force Report

  • Update on Access to Innovation 


Tribunal Committee Report

  • 2021 Law Society Tribunal Annual Statistics  


Access to Justice Committee Report

  • Report on the Civil Society Organization Program Evaluation 

The public portion of June 28 Convocation begins at 9:00 am. The meeting may be viewed live via webcast at this link.

Licensees, members of the media and the public are welcome to view the public portions of Convocation via the Law Society’s webcast. While audio recording is permissible for note taking purposes only, the webcast or video archive of the proceedings may not be captured, recorded or distributed for any purpose. 

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