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October 2014 Convocation

Budget approved – no increase in fees for lawyers and paralegals

Convocation approved the Law Society’s 2015 budget, which maintains the annual fee for lawyers and paralegals at 2014 levels. The fees will remain at $1,866 for practising lawyers and $996 for practising paralegals. The 2015 budget meets the goals of the three-year rolling budget, set out in 2014, which include stabilizing fees. Full report.

Law Society to consult on challenges faced by racialized licensees

Convocation approved a consultation with the professions and the public on strategies for enhanced inclusion of racialized licensees (lawyers and paralegals) at all career stages. All interested parties are encouraged to review the consultation paper and provide written comments by March 1, 2015. Consultation meetings will also be held throughout the province during the winter of 2015. The consultation paper was prepared by the Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees Working Group, following an engagement and information gathering process. Convocation created the Working Group in 2012 as part of its commitment to promoting equity and diversity in the profession. Full report. More information.

LibraryCo Inc. 2015 budget approved
Convocation approved LibraryCo Inc.’s 2015 budget, incorporating Law Society funding of 

$7.7 million or $202 per lawyer. This funding level was included in the 2015 Law Society budget. Full report.

Reporting to law enforcement and other regulators

The Professional Regulation Committee provided for Convocation’s information, a document describing the current practice at the Law Society for reporting to law enforcement and other regulators. Full report.

New appeal rule re: summary orders approved

Convocation approved new Rule 17 and Form 17A of the Appeal Division, Rules of Practice and Procedure. The rule governs appeals from summary orders such as suspension for failure to pay fees or failure to file documents. Full report

Human Rights Monitoring Group interventions approved

Convocation approved interventions in the following cases:

• Lawyer Yara Sallam – Egypt 

• Lawyer N. Surendran – Malaysia 

• Lawyer Gustaf Kawer – Indonesia

Full report.

Proposed vision for renewal of the Aboriginal Initiatives Strategy presented

The Access to Justice and Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committees presented a joint report to Convocation on a proposed vision for renewal of the Law Society’s Aboriginal Initiatives Strategy. The proposed vision was presented through the model of the Medicine Wheel with the four parts of the wheel represented by the key principles: Transparency, Respect, Proactivity and Competence. These four principles will shape the Law Society’s consultations with the Aboriginal Bar, leadership and community as it moves forward in renewing its Aboriginal Initiatives Strategy. Full report.

The Evolution of Legal Information and Library Services in Ontario

Convocation received an information report outlining the work of the Legal Information and Support Services Working Group and the potential next steps in the evolution of legal information and library services. The information affirms the important role of courthouse libraries in the provision of legal information and library services and the maintenance of member competence. Treasurer Minor and LibraryCo Inc. shareholders will be considering the principles in the report and determining next steps. More information.

Treasurer expense reimbursement policy approved

Convocation approved a new expense policy for the Treasurer, based on the Bencher Expense Reimbursement policy. Full report.

Investigations policy amended

Convocation amended the policy for the investigation of complaints against licensee benchers and staff to provide for the handling of complaints against licensees who are non-bencher adjudicators. Full report.

Amendment to LAWPRO by-law approved

Convocation authorized the Treasurer to sign the LAWPRO’s shareholders resolution to approve By-Law #21, which will have the effect of making the Law Society the sole shareholder of LAWPRO. Full report.

Hearing Division, Rules of Practice and Procedure amended 

Convocation approved a housekeeping amendment to Subrule 29.07(1) of the Hearing Division, Rules of Practice and Procedure. Full report



Consent Agenda (PDF)

  • Confirmation of Draft Minutes of Convocation – September 24, 2014
  • Report of the Director of Professional Development and Competence - Deemed Call Candidates

Audit and Finance Committee (PDF)

  • 2015 LibraryCo Inc. Budget
  • 2015 Law Society Budget
  • Treasurer Expense Policy

Professional Regulation Committee (PDF)

  • Amendment to Policy on Law Society Investigations of Benchers, Employees and Adjudicators

For Information

  • Law Society Statement on Reporting to Law Enforcement and other Regulators
  • Licensee Survey

Priority Planning Committee (PDF)

  • Approval of LAWPRO By-Law # 21

Tribunal Committee (PDF)

  • Proposed Appeal Rule 17 (Summary Orders) – Law Society Tribunal Appeal Division Rules
  • Amendment to Rule 29.07 (1) of the Law Society Tribunal Hearing Division Rules

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee (PDF)

  • Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees – Request to Consult
  • Human Rights Monitoring Group Interventions

For Information

  • Public Education Equality and Rule of Law Series Calendar 2014 - 2015


Joint Report of the Access to Justice Committee and Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee (PDF)

  • Proposed Vision for the Law Society’s Renewal of its Aboriginal Initiatives Strategy

The Evolution of Legal Information and Library Services in Ontario (PDF)

Terms or Concepts Explained