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Call For Expressions of Interest from Qualified Practitioners

The Law Society periodically retains Outside Counsel to support regulatory activities including investigations, expert evidence and opinions, and discipline prosecutions, and to act for the Society before the Courts in various matters. The Law Society retains practitioners who have experience in civil litigation, administrative law, regulatory law, real estate law, and other specialized areas of practice. Outside Counsel may also be retained by the Law Society’s Legal Affairs department to assist the organization’s general counsel.

The Law Society is always interested in receiving Expressions of Interest in future retainers from lawyers who satisfy the criteria shown here. In an effort to reflect the diversity of our society and of the profession while at the same time acting in the public interest, the Law Society welcomes Expressions of Interest from qualified lawyers who are women and/or members of equality-seeking communities.

The Law Society remunerates Outside Counsel in accordance with a set fee schedule approved by Convocation.

If you are interested, please provide a curriculum vitae and a covering letter explaining how your qualifications meet the criteria. We also need the names and contact information of no fewer than one (1) and no more than three (3) professional references who are able to attest to your ability to perform the work required by the Society.

All lawyers who have expressed an interest in acting for the Society will have their information kept on file for three (3) years, after which they must re-apply.

The Law Society makes no promise or commitment to retain anyone who has filed an Expression of Interest, whether or not that person satisfies the listed requirements, nor is the Society restricted to the list of those who have Expressions of Interest on file, in determining whom to retain for specific matters.

Please email your covering letter and curriculum vitae to Gerry McCleary, Divisional Coordinator, Professional Regulation, at

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